Posted by: Andy | November 30, 2004

Show Review: Social Distortion @ the Wiltern

Ok so I just got back from seeing Social Distortion @ the Wiltern (11/29/04) with Tiger Army and the God Awfuls. My ears are ringing like a bunch of drunken nuns in metal shoes on a brass floor, and I’ve got a nasty headache too. ’twas some good shit. Yo.

The opening band was the God Awfuls and their name pretty much says it all. I mean, they were decent musicians and all, but all their music put across was prententious high school rockers trying too hard to write causehead songs. I didn’t get the feeling they really felt anything they were playing. That and the lead singer was wearing those trendy mod-CHICK platform shoes. Mmmm kay.

Tiger Army rocked the goddam house, as usual. Tiger Army is basically just Nick 13, but its nice to see the new guys (both drummer & bassist have swapped since last I saw them) can hold their own. I’m not sure who the new drummer is, he definitely wasn’t Fred Hell..oh says his name is James Meza, and the new bassist is Jeff Roffredo. Both of them were definitely up to snuff but, to me, no one is going to compare to Kresge until I see them STAND ON THEIR FUCKING STAND UP BASS WHILE PLAYING IT. Seriously, that was about the sickest shit I have ever seen done with a bass, I will forever be envious.

Tangent: While the latest album left me a little let down, the new songs came through pretty well live. Tiger Army is a very theme-oriented band, and thus some of the lyrics come out rather cliche, in the past murderously tight musicianship picked up the slack, but on TA III, I felt that some of the cliches were much more obvious and, due to a weaker mix or something, were really noticeably so. Not a bad album for any band by any means, but the weakest showing for TA yet.

Social D was still in top musical form, although Mike is definitely showing his age, physically. He’s only 42 (I think), but is showing signs of wear and tear. Then again, he’s lived the life. This was an all new social D lineup (I think) as well since last I saw them (1998), but they were kicking some serious ass. There were the usual asswipes at the show, but hey, thats what you pay for right? 😛

I picked up the new CD too – I’m so out of the loop I don’t even know when my favorite bands put out new stuff – they played about 6 new songs at the show and they all sounded great, so I’ve got high hopes.


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