Posted by: Andy | December 1, 2004

CD Review: Social D – Sex, Love & Rock ‘N’ Roll

I really wanted to like this album more than I do. In fact, on the first few listens I was ok with it, but as I’ve had time to drive with it my opinions have solidified.

It is in no way a bad album, but I would say it is their weakest. I don’t have the first 2 albums on hand to compare with, but I would say that out of the 5 between 1990-2004, it is at the bottom of that pile.

Tangent: I don’t understand what the fuck reviewers were thinking with their reviews of WL,WH,WT – this album has some serious ass kickers, a radio friendly single and some good lower tempo things. In no way less than a 4/5 album.

Back to the I put SLR as not as good as WL,WH,WT – but definitely not a bad album – better used as background music (for working, low volume driving, etc.) than as cranking music. The big ass kicker of the album (is this a radio single – it sounds like it would be one – but I don’t have a radio in my car so I don’t really listen to commercial radio) is Nickels & Dimes. This was indeed an ass kicker live, and is still pretty strong on the disc, but not as strong as I would have liked.

I give it 3/5, tilted to 3.5/5 because it flows so well as a whole, and makes great background music.

Also, what is up with Mike & angels? When the Angels Sing….Angels Wings…not to mention the various angel references in the songs on the last two discs. I don’t know his bio, but I’m guessing Catholic upbringing?



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