Posted by: Andy | December 11, 2004

Movie Review: Blade 3

Not really much to say here, it’s pretty much what you’d expect. Overall I give it a solid “B”. Worth a few bucks, you know what you’re getting – if you liked the first two you’ll probably enjoy this one. I liked the Blade 2 better, but not a bad movie by any means. There were several cliche/predictable moments, but screen writers seem to be incapable of realizing that the entirety of the audience is not entirely brain-dead, sometimes.

Wesley is…well Wesley is doing what he does in Blade flicks, which is look menacing, scowl, fight, look menancing again, and scowl some more, and maybe scowl a little later. He is mostly the background around which the rest of the movie revolves, until it gets too close and gets blow’d up!

Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy. You go Van Wilder! He makes the best of a forced “this is my origin story” monologue. Not too mention he buffed-the-fuck-up, which I’m sure the ladies and fellow-inclined-fellows will appreciate.

As for the rest of us…a certain bow wielding woman was pleasing on the eyes, in this movie at least. She did go a bit overboard by doing the wannabe model-on-the-runway-shake-your-ass-so-hard-it-snaps-off walk waaaay too often. Not that I’m complaining about a mobile ass. Oh wait, I just did. Hrmmm.



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