Posted by: Andy | January 23, 2005

Quick Robin! To the adult store! But which one Batman? WHICH ONE????

OK, so I am amused beyond all reasoning at the number of adult stores, peep shows and “exotic dance” buildings (I call them buildings and not clubs because they are often tiny one-room looking square buildings) up here. I mean, I like beating the meat as much as the next guy but, seriously if I wanted to buy some adult merchandise, I wouldn’t mind going more than a block or two to find it.

And remember folks, I come from LA – I’m used to the prevalence of strip clubs & adult stores. And yet I’m still amazed. And I like to start sentences with “and” – bad habit I’ve had ever since I used to write poetry.

My pet theory is because a) its cold up here and b) there are a lot of truckers. And cold, lonely truckers need a pounding of the thunder bump every so often (in fact, probably more like daily) or else they will swerve into oncoming traffic, annihilating the rest of us. And this would be a Bad Thing (TM).



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