Posted by: Andy | February 20, 2005

Constantine & some other junk

So we went and saw Constantine today. It was decent, comic fans would probably be let down I suppose. Luckily I wasn’t massively familiar with the comic. It was a nice sort of catholic-mythology drama thing. One thing that annoyed me was the sort of “streamlining” of the mythology – the way in which Constantine preserved his soul made much more sense in the comic than the movie.

And the gum thing at the end? Idiotic.

Some dude in front of us was bootlegging the movie too. He showed up, pulled some headphones out of his large dufflebag, which happened to be conveniently aimed at the screen, then chilled until halfway through the movie when he abruptly got up and left. Brilliant!

There was also this strange obese man who, after the show was over, hit up the condiments table for a bunch of mustard and ketchup, and a pickle which he, after looking around to make sure no one was watching, stuffed into a napkin and then wobble out the door. Mind you he was wearing really tiny, thin, short jogging type shorts. In Portland. In Oregon. In February. I mean, it has been a warm February, but it was still COLD out. Guess that blubber is good for something.

Life is not yet good, but much better than life in LA. You’d think someone with an M.A. in Linguistics could totally get a job….NOT!

On a happy note, got to do some visiting with a friend up from San Diego tonight (Prince of Cats…whatever that means!), good to see you again man!



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