Posted by: Andy | February 23, 2005

headaches & things that come of them

So I haven’t written SHIT in 6 months…here’s what was rolling around in my head when I got home this morning. I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be 2 separate things or was coming to me all at once so I just typed it as it was. It’s probably not done, but whatever, I need to vent:


i have seen the other side of education
it is no thing
the desert at midnight
one universe at the edge of heat death

[The robot drives the car,
the robot watches the tv, plays the video games]
the chirruping of waves of idiot cockroaches
the grinding of archaic robot
gear upon gear
i have learned nothing
i produce nothing

no food to consume
no product to exchange for food.
not that it would matter
the robots only accept paper
and we are not allowed to produce paper.
[The robot follows the fashion (it is savvy!),
has an opinion on everything (so erudite!),
wishes you all the best.]

i didn’t even learn how to lie
so i could convince myself
that it is all as it is
that everything serves a purpose
that it is better to hold things than to miss dreams.
i am ill equipped to serve this world
[The robot prays to the machine god
hoping for a direct line on a bigger, better power source.
Even robots dream,

but only about being better than other robots.]

there must be something nonstandard.
gears, everywhere gears
i can’t hear over the tv
thinking for me
i can’t get my neck to break
swinging on this umbilical cord
[Is it the same robot that strangles its wife,

stabs its children
rapes a neighbor
fucks a horse
votes for death and paper? Always death and paper.
And the machine god –
cold and calculating,
never changing,

[The machine god squirts in my face
hot oil running down
my throat
my neck
oozing across my chest
eating at the skin
greedy to feed a machine
that must be buried within. ]



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