Posted by: Andy | April 17, 2005

Diet Soda – The drink of the dense

Ok, I never understood the whole diet soda craze – the urban legends surrounding it were always that Diet Soda was actually worse for you that normal soda (in that people drink diet to avoid the sugar in regular, but most artificial sweeteners cause much more damage to the body than sugar), and it seemed like everyone knew them.

Funny thing about urban legends – sometimes they are true.

And yet everywhere I go, I see tubby folks (oh, excuse my non-PC-ness – I meant to say “fatties”) drinking diet soda. I’ve been around many a large relative or friend that would order a ton of fuck-nasty food and then top of it off “And a Diet soda here please.” Like they thing that is going to make up for the other shit. Or the reverse case, where someone orders really healthy food, then orders a diet instead of just getting water or juice. I usually would make some blurb to them about how bad most diet sodas are for you. Some of them even knew this, those were the ones that would say “Oh, I like the taste.”

Why am I writing about this? Indeed. Well, I don’t know, it’s just another thing about the mass corporate dominance of daily life in the US that annoys me I guess. Somehow people got it into their head that diet meant “good for you.” Just like people are obsessed with paris hilton and plastic surgery and patriotism. Idiots one and all. Question everything. Seriously fuckhead.

If you want some technical information about aspartamine (the main sweetener used in the US), check out this web site. Or just google it. Seriously. Then please stop drinking diet soda. For the most part, it is the opposite of good.


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