Posted by: Andy | April 24, 2005

Music I’ve picked up lately

Ok, so now that I’m making money…you can imagine that with 4 months of no buying cds I went a *little* crazy. Anyway, 80 f them were used for $8 or less, so I don’t feel so bad. The first section is just stuff that I used to have and was missing, or stuff that I’ve had on my computer for a long time and finally picked up the actual cd:

Black, Frank-Self Titled

Arie, India-Voyage to India

Then this is all the “new” stuff I picked up (I’m too lazy to insert all the links):

Magnetic Fields-Distant Plastic Trees/The Wayward Bus
Magnetic Fields-Holiday
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes-Ruin Johnny’s Bar Mitzvah
Mendoza Line, The-Fortune

Neutral Milk Hotel-In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Pretty Girls Make Graves-Good Health
Pretty Girls Make Graves-The New Romance
Sing-Sing-The Joy of
Decemberists, The-Castaways and Cutouts
Weakerthans, The-Reconstruction Site

The commentary:

Mendoza Line, Magnetic Fields & the Gimmes are bands that I’ve been into for a while, and their albums did not dissapoint. Mendoza is like well, I dunno jangly indie alt rock-ish. Fields are electronic pop, basically the work of just one overly prolific guy (he has a few other bands going too), although these first two albums that I grabbed (the double cd) have a female singer. The Gimmes are always fucking hilarious, but I think this was one of their weaker collections, song choice-wise.

Neutral Milk Hotel is this band I used to listen to a lot when I was a DJ on the UCSB campus radio station….4am time slot baby! Anyway, its an awesome indie-folk type sound, and I think it must be coming in style now or something, because all 4 record stores I went to had like 5 new copies of each of their albums (and these are like 7 year old albums….). Anyway, if you like mellow “indie” music, you will probably appreciate this album.

The last section is for “new” bands that I have come across, mostly from Soma FM’s “indie pop-rocks” stream. I’m not really sure about the Decemberists album…the one track I had heard off it (July July) is very good, but the jury is still out on the rest of the album. The rest of the pile I definitely like. Pretty Girls Make graves is sort of atonal, halty guitar, chick rock. Sing-Sing is mellow british chick-rock, great background music.

The standout of the set – the Weakerthans album blew me away, in a wierd way. It is not immediately catchy or anything, and some of the songs sort of run together, but somehow I really like it. This is new project from the guy who started Propagandhi (sorry I’m not good with the names yo). They’ve got a few albums out but this was the only one I could find…it is very mellow and personal, and the lyrics are very easy to understand as well (always a bonus….). I’m definitely trying to track down their other albums.

Ok…that’s enough for the music..we drove out to see some waterfalls today…Oregon is fucking beautiful. Fucking man.

P.S. What the fuck is up with NO stores up here having any copies of ANY of the Red House Painters albums? Are they super trendy up here, or the complete reverse?



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