Posted by: Andy | May 21, 2005

Music Update

If anyone is curious what I’m listening to lately, here’s a list of what I’ve grabbed, and what I think of em:

Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards – Viking:
Pretty good, only a few listens in to it. Definitely not as strong as the previous album, a few really weak songs (“Switchblade’ for example…). A couple of stand out catchy tracks, all in all not a bad listen. Been looking for some decent punk lately, but I’ve been coming up really dry.

Weezer – Make Believe: My rant about this album was already posted.

Summary – weakest album to date.

Fountains of Wayne – Welcome Interstate Managers: These guys remind me of Cake, both of whom I really dig. Not quite as strong as their first two, but still a great listen.

Magnetic Fields – Get Lost: Needs more listens for me to wrap my head around, but definitely a disc you’ll like if you like their other early work.

Red House Painters – Down Colorful Hill: I’ve been looking for this disc for a long, long time. It is the first album, and not even a full length, but very good. One of their “darker” albums.

Weakerthans, The – Left & Leaving: Not as good as Reconstruction Site, but a very good album all around. Have I mentioned that I think these guys are my new favorite band?

Pulp – This is Hardcore: An album I had at one point and lost, just got it to fill in my collection because I finally found it used. A really greate album, one of their 3 best (His N Hers & Different Class being the other 2).

Sharp, Matt – Matt Sharp: Another album I have been hunting for for years and finally stumbled upon in a shop. Very, very mellow. I like it.



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