Posted by: Andy | October 20, 2005

Tegan and Sara show!

So we just got back from the Tegan and Sara show at the Crystal Ballroom (trippy venue on the 3rd floor of an old building downtown Portland). The sound was even shittier than normal for a show, but it was still a great show. The first band was Hot IQs, and they had an interesting sound (and a cute female drummer – rare!) and were worth watching. Very 80s meets indie rock thing. Which seems to be what most indie rock is these days…

The next “band” was Northern State…which was, well, interesting. Directly from their bio “admittedly, the three white, suburban-raised women did not fit the standard rapper profile”. Yeah, so 3 white chicks from NY jumping around and rhyming, I don’t know if it qualified as rap or not I’m not qualified to judge, but they get an A- for effort (entirely too much wrist slashing (like..that motion you make with a turn table, but without the turn table)) – it must be hard to be 3 average white chicks (1 looked like a pudgy hippy, another was a short girl who could be your cousin (if you had white rapping chicks for cousins) and the last was tall and thin and really screechy) rapping. I know I wouldn’t have the balls to get up there and do what they did. I probably wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror afterwards either. Anyway, make up your own mind – there are music and video clips on their website. Hint: They do NOT look like the photos in real life 😉

On to the meat of the show – T&S! They were great, nice and friendly and chatty, although I thought Tegan was going to be cranky at first. There was some kind of issue with one of her guitars and the guitar tech came out and fucked with it (before the band came on) at least (I kid you not) 9 times before finally giving up. Sara’s mic also went out (kept fuzzing out whenever she raised her voice) at the end right as she started into the encore opener (a cover of Dancing in the Dark), but props to her for singing right over it. So yeah, they played mostly new stuff, so I was slightly bummed, but all the new stuff is good too. :). They played one song I didn’t recognize, but I suspect it was a new one since no one else really recog’d it either. I’m sure I’d have a wittier review if I wasn’t so tired, but I don’t.



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