Posted by: Andy | November 13, 2005

So I saw SF59 Friday night…

in a tiny coffee shop run by a church…or something like that. The opening band must have been a local band, probably members of the church, because when they finish (thankfully, mercifully) and left, a chunk of the crowd left with them. Who in their right mind who watch some crappy opening band and then leave when Starflyer was coming on? Mmmm brain damage, tastes like sewage!

Here’s a shot of the wee scene:

It was nice and cozy though, and we were very close. The sound wasn’t as bad as it could have been – instruments were great (because it was raw from the amps), but vocals got lost a little in the mix due to running through the places tiny PA system.

Here’s Jason:

Always great to see them but they, as pretty much any touring band, pretty much played stuff off the newer albums. “I Drive a Lot” is as far back as he went. It was great, it was $8, how can I complain?

Oh right, the opening band. Not to be mean to the guys or anything…but you aren’t anything special, don’t bother with music, really. They were knit well instrumentation wise, but the singer still hadn’t learned how not to look at his chording hand after every single line he sang, or write melodies that didn’t exactly match what he was playing. Very 10th grade, maybe 7th. Oh, and the name “Lucid Onset”…seriously that’s like jinxing yourself to start with. Like waking up in the morning and stabbing yourself in the eye with your toothbrush and then continuing blithely on, brushing your teeth with your eyeball. In the world of bad band names, there is a sub genre of bad Christian band names whose members are truly embarrassing. In a vain attempt to capture some kind of deep statement about their religion and portray it in a way that shows they are really cool, many godbands just make themselves look dumb. Case in point.



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