Posted by: Andy | January 27, 2006


I get nostalgic like a mutherfucker sometimes. (Funny how motherfucker can modify anything really..but what would one who engages in copulation and possibly fellatio with the milf neighborhood be nostalgic for, really?) I used to say it was because of “poet’s soul” or something cheezy like that. The label I gave to the part of me that made me write poems so crazy, that makes me see the world in that wacky way that I do, and that makes be so emotional (for a male) sometimes, and so un-emotional at others. But that’s probably not the best excuse anymore, as I have only written one or two poems in the last year (one of them is posted here somewhere…), so I don’t feel like much of a “literal” poet. I do still see the world in the same skewed way though, and sometimes concepts which would have been poems in previous years still come to me, but it is much rarer.
So, why do I get nostalgic? I don’t know. What do I get nostalgic for? Well, that’s sort of tricky – it’s not that I wish I was still at any previous point in my life – that would be a little asinine. It’s more of a sense of hoping that if any one religion happens to be right, and we all find out and get smacked in the end, it’s a religion that has reincarnation as a tenet, and not just cyclical reincarnation, but parallel reincarnation as well – after all, if something is not bound by death, why be bound by time? What I sort of hope for is the chance to relive the most crucial, magical, painful moments of my life over again – but not necessarily as me – but, possibly in the same time frame. So you know, maybe right now as we speak there are hundreds of people alive in the world with the same soul as me, just in different stages of that soul’s journey.
I lost where I was going with this as I started it at work on I’ll just post it half ass now. šŸ˜›



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