Posted by: Andy | February 7, 2006

The hot new band of …2004?

Sometimes it’s good to be behind the times, then you can find cool ass shit and feel all lagged because you’re two years late. Anyway, so I grabbed a digital copy of the last Sahara Hotnights album the other day after a track came up at It’s a really great album…what the fuck is up with the Swedes and good music? (Ok, not counting ABBA, but lots of people liked them…) The Cardigans (you said what Andy? No seriously, the Cardigans are a great album band…they have much better stuff than that 1 single…), International Noise Conspiracy and now Sahara Hotnights.

Ahh, Sweden, taking what Americans do and doing it better, and blonder – the socialist way! Seriously though, a good chunk of the Swedes I see in music are not blonde. Really…



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