Posted by: Andy | March 4, 2006

Block party love

Ok, first off, go see Dave Chapelle’s Block Party.
No seriously, do it now.
I cannot wait for the DVD, supposedly they’ve got the whole 8 hour concert recorded another 100 hours or so of footage, at the very least I hope the whole concert is on there.

Don’t go expecting comedy…it’s not a stand up thing…I don’t know what to compare it to. There are plenty of funny parts, but what got me was the music. Seeing, well, pretty much all my favorite hip-hop acts (yes the # is relatively small :P) – Mos, Kweli, the Roots, & the Fugees (!) as well as Jill Scott (who I’ve just recently gotten into) in one place was incredible. Oh yeah, and Kanye West was there too, although he ranks below all the previously mentioned artists for me. I did want to see more of his marching band intro though, the amount they showed wasn’t really much at all for all the built up with the marching band kids. I’ve also heard lots of good stuff about Common & John Legend, so I was happy to get a chance to see them in action as well. I only wish it were twice as long!

Secondly….Erykah Badu is insanely attractive. Now, my wife is the most hotness woman out there..but uh… DAMN. Like, I’ve totally heard of Erykah Badu, it’s not like the basement I live in is without access to the outside world. But somehow I’d managed to avoid ever actually watching her or hearing her music (not watching tv or listening to the radio will do that to you).

So mmm…yeah…now, keep in mind that I only saw her for 10-15 minutes of footage or so in the movie, so I could be temporarily insane (hmm..neWSflash). She is crazy charismatic…I’m not talking the talky politician charisma, I’m talking like actual magnetism. The way she moves and carries herself (not to mention her voice!) – magnetic is the only word I can think of to describe it. I just watched a couple of her videos with Jen and, in them, she doesn’t come across as powerfully as she does in the film.

Thirdly. Hmm, thirdly nothing, I think I might go see it again tomorrow.



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