Posted by: Andy | March 13, 2006


There’s something funny about life, well, many things really, but only one I have in mind right now. I was just talking to Tim the other day and the thought occurred to me again – no choice of value is ever easy. Now, I wonder, is the value somehow the result of the difficulty? Is there any kind of causative or implicative relationship, or are they two independent factors that just love to conspire? Would, say, choosing a life partner, or a house, or a job, be made any less of an important choice if there were no viable alternatives? You would still have to choose that option over the -possibility- of any future options (which seems to be one of the main reasons many people struggle with standard marriages). For that reason, I suspect that the choices would still have immense value. Still, sometimes I’d really rather have to choose between something & maybe something that something and something….

I mean, maybe life is different for other people, but any choice that surrounds anything of value (to me) – love, progress, art, etc, always somehow has a possible counter choice of equal or greater value. That, or you must give up something of equal or greater value merely for the chance to attain the new option – no guarantees baby!

Oh, and (not that anyone cares) my current thought on the whole Iraq thing is that they should just split Iraq into 3 countries. 3 minorities who just can’t get along within the borders of one arbitrarily assigned country? Why not just split it into 3 slightly less arbitrary countries? Why has this not occurred to anyone? Or at least been discussed – is it because the oil resources would fall under the control of the faction they don’t like? Or because bananas only wear leather?



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