Posted by: Andy | March 15, 2006

III: [driving in a car]

M: Ever wonder how we get in this thing?
F: Not really, and my eyes don’t feel that way.
M: Mine do, sometimes. And then I notice that the scenery seems to be repeating every 30 seconds or so.
F: Really. Well, that saves us from having to wonder where we are going.
M: Because we aren’t going anywhere.
F: Right, and the same thing seems to hold for the view in the rear view mirrors.
M: Meaning we came from nowhere.
F: Yes…it seems like the entire point of this scene is neither the journey nor the arrival, nor even the departure, but rather it is somehow just focused on the fact that the two of us are together in this, this whatever.

M: And moving. Traveling. Getting somewhere, even if that’s not really the case.
F: Right.
M: Odd. I bet if I took my hands off this wheel-thing nothing would change.
F: Interesting.
M: Yes, but this leaves us with a new problem.

F: Which is?
M: I’m not really sure, but it seems like it should be obvious doesn’t it?



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