Posted by: Andy | March 17, 2006

dreams of secret societies

OK, so I’m trying to remember my dream last night, it was pretty cool.

It was weird for two reasons:
1) it was like it was planned out, things in the beginning laid the groundwork for later things and

2) I was functionally smarter in the dream than real life…like I had access to a lot more of the things I should know (but have forgotten) than I actually do. Crazy subconscious!

So, I’m a kid in like high school I think, but also simultaneously the same age I am now and still working my current job. At some point in the beginning an older kid either picks on me or refuses to help me with something and makes a comment about “man you need a key to unlock that door” or something like that.

Jump ahead some, and I’m getting initiated into some secret society/masonic type thing with a couple other people. Mostly what we do is meet once a week at night in this like old ivy covered stone building that is pretty nice on the inside and try to solve these crazy difficult riddle/puzzle things. I remember one was “great flight”. There was some map to go along with that…and I guess I was stupid or something because I forgot to bring paper to work things out on, so I wound up making notes on those coffee filter things (WTF I don’t even drink coffee how’d that get in there?). I don’t think I ever solved any of the puzzles…they were crazy hard and not direct even in the way of a crossword puzzle implying something by sound or association. But some of the stuff I was thinking up along the way amazed me the passive watcher (and/or me after I woke up and thought back on it). I guess another weird thing was that my subconscious was able to make up the puzzles in the first place!!

I think the deal was that once we solved enough of these puzzles the thought processes required to do so, and the information gained from doing it, would move us to the next level of illumination…or something like that.

OK, so jump ahead some more and I learn a secret handshake..well, don’t ask me why, but I used the handshake on that kid who wouldn’t help me/picked on me in the beginning of the dream and then he helped me out and said something like “See, all you needed was a key to unlock that door.” The whole key/lock/door thing kept reoccuring throughout the dream too.

But that’s all I really remember. I wish my waking brain was this cool!



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