Posted by: Andy | March 18, 2006

V for Hollywood Crap

OK, no it’s not as bad as my subject line suggests, in fact I think it was a very well done movie, especially considering how much they had to condense. I don’t think anything will ever be able to compete with Sin City for level of faithfulness to the comic source, but I think this movie is an excellent example of how a horrible Hollywood modernization can go not so wrong. They changed major points, obliterated pretty much any textual reference to the actual theme without putting other pieces in place to fill this void (and thus leaving the theme much more amorphous and bleh than I think it should have been), removed massive amounts of character development, rendered the “villain” into a cheap Hitler knock-off devoid of psychological interest and did various other sundry and vile things to the original work. And still managed to be what I think was a very good movie. Go figure. The joy of adaptation I suppose. Vastly inferior to the original, but still a great flic.

Except for one point, which I’m not going to spoil for you here, but it was the most incredibly glaring example of Hollywoodification I have seen in a long while. Luckily it was brief, like only a few minutes. Some of you might watch it and not even bat an eye…but I trust that at least someone will catch what I caught (really, it’s impossible not to – but you might not realize how insulting it is).

So, I challenge you all (yeah that’s right, I know some silent fuckheads are lurking around the darkness in addition to the few sociable people who pop in, you know who you are!) to watch this movie and then comment here on what you think the ONE SINGLE POINT of idiocy is. You can only pick one. It’s not a failure of adaptation, or an overdone special effect, it is Hollywood in a nutshell, and pretty much most of what is wrong with modern (American?) cinema. A clue: it involves a lack of respect for the ability of the audience to deal with complex issues without candy (and NO it wasn’t the women in thongs, but you might be led to believe that from my comment….). OK, so that was 2 clues.

Get on it now. And. fucking. post. an. answer.


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