Posted by: Andy | March 21, 2006

IV: [in the courtyard again]

F: I can’t read that sign.
M: Can you read?
F: I would assume so, it seems natural doesn’t read something?

M: Yes, yes it does, and when I think about it just right, in the corner of my mind I can almost know what it is to read and barely realize that I should be able to read that sign.
F: And I know we have been here before.
M: Or a hundred times.

F: I think this is our final clue.
M: To what?

F: To the great mystery! There must be some great mystery, or we would not be together in such an infiniteness.
M: Are we?
F: I think we must be, because sometimes when I just let myself speak I say things that I know must be me but that I would not have said otherwise.
M: And we always seem to be continuing a conversation.
F: You said always.
M: So I did. So I did.

F: You see now?
M: I think I do. But what can we do?
F: I’m not sure, I’m not even sure action on our part is possible.
M: Will we remember in the next scene?
F: I think, in pieces, but maybe we will remember the rest as well.
M: That is always a possibility.
F: I wonder where that singing is coming from?



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