Posted by: Andy | March 30, 2006

I :[small town scene, near a curb on a busy street perhaps]

M: Do you ever wonder why we’re always the only ones here?
F: no.
M: I mean, this looks like a busy town right?? One that should be bustling and filled with people.
F: What is “people” ?
M: I, I don’t know… it just came out; I’m sorry. It kind of sounds like a moral value judgement though, you think?
F: I dunno…it just sounds like an empty word to me. Waiting to be define by its usage and the object upon which it is placed….it could be a noun, a verb…or even an adjective. Hey……you look mighty “people” today.
M: I guess.
F: Do you ever wonder where “here” is anyways?
M: It seems like a logical thing to do…so I must have at some point in the past—we are here so often.

F: Are we? How do you know it’s not just this once.
M: I, I don’t. But I know I did when I said it.
F: I believed you. I just wanted to see if you could get any farther than I could.
M: With what?
F: With examining our surroundings…my brain just seems to stop at certain points when I try to think.
M: Think?
F: Yeah, me neither.



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