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glaring plot issues:

*Scott’s “death”: He’d better not actually be dead, or that was the worst, most dishonorable movie death EVER.
*How did it get from broad daylight to the middle of the night so fast? (The “bridge scene”).
*I thought Jean was a real redhead, not some brunette with a $5 home dye job.
*The fact that Wolverine was just sort of killing a bunch of random people in the mutant camp. I mean, those could have been pregnant homeless people that just showed up for the free food!

Lame things
*The porcupine guy who kills someone by hugging them. Dude, last I heard those mutants hanging out in the church weren’t raw fucking pure evil, they just didn’t want to be stomped on. If you’re going to make someone just plain evil they need some motivation.
*The stupid giant brawl thing at the end (did I mention Collossus is like, off urinating or something during most of it?).
**The fact that most of the “mutants” in the stupid giant brawl thing seemed to have running,screaming, and wrestling as their only superpowers. For serious! There were like, 4 of them with powers (sticky guy, breathy smoky guy, regeneraty-but-not-in-the-nutsy guy and…and…hmm I think there were only 3).

*”Callisto” had two pretty top of the line powers: mutant detection & super speed. That’s a funny mix. Oh, and stupid. Oh, and convenient.
*Why did Magneto say “What have I done?” He knew exactly, completely and full fucking well what he was doing. I can’t believe Ian even agreed to say this line. If the point was supposed to be that he really didn’t know what he was doing, that wasn’t communicated in any way by the rest of the film.
*What the hell is up with Storm saying “You don’t want to be here” when her and Wolverine got off the plane to pick up Jean’s lame self? It sounded like she had a longer line but it was just cut off in the middle. I understand in a sense what they were trying to do here, but you really have to work harder than one line.

Things I liked
*Collossus/Wolverine/Shadowcat/Iceman/X/M casting. Storm I didn’t mind so much in this movie (don’t ask me why) as the first two. Famke Jans(s)end ACTED the part of Jean Grey just fine, but physically I’m sorry she’s just not Jean. Jean is girl next door redheadhot (a contrast to Mary Jane’s sexy model redhead), not soccer-mom-next-door “hot”. Did Collossus (with his 2 lines) really need to be American?
*Juggernauts power explained as a momentum thing. That actually works and made him less crazy silly powerful than in the early comic days.
*Arclight’s “look”. Her dialogue left much to be desired. Oh wait, that’s right, she didn’t have a SINGLE FUCKING LINE. How did anyone even learn her name? She was also crazy powerful, she could have taken out that whole base on her own (which is basically the powerlevel most of those people would realistically be at I guess…). Also, wtf was Magneto doing saying something like “focus your shockwave on those guns” when her shockwave hit EVERYTHING. Not just the guns….how do you focus that shit?

*The guy who was playing Madrox. Don’t ask me why, I mean the guy only had 2 lines, and he basically gave himself (and probably his mutation…) up for no real reason.
*There was very little Rogue.

Could have been better if:
*The Prof & Magneto were actually dead. They set it up for the whole passing the torch then, then faked us out.
*Anna Paquin wasn’t so ugly/square-headed
*An attractive (read: not plain) actress was playing Jean Grey.
*Characters (especially the stooge bad guys) had actual conversations, and personalities

*Collossus got to say more than 3 words at a time more than 2 times. Seriously, did they even pay that guy or was he just an extra? Oh, and where the fuck was he during the last fight scene? Collossus v. Juggy is one of the classic brawls, they put in other random junk but they miss that when the opportunity is right there?
*The music director TOOK A GODDAM CHILL PILL. WTF is up with the “whale documentary” music (as Jen commented) whenever something important was happening.



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