Posted by: Andy | July 4, 2006

bits & pieces

First off, I’m waiting to drink hot dirt right now.
You heard me, hot dirt. Ok, so it’s some kind of wierd herbal conconction the acupuncturist prescribed – but I’ll try anything once. Yet another step on my interesting journey to treat or perhaps someday cure the interesting things that go in within my bowels & nervous system.
Oh, and did I mention it tastes like dirt? It actually better when it’s lukewarm dirt.

Other bits:
A) Superman – Superman is a dick! No, seriously. We went and saw the movie on Sunday at an OMNIMax theatre. (Note to the curious: OmniMax != IMAX, even if they claim it is. Omnimax sucks horredous diarrhetic goat ass for “normal” movies. It’s like a movie projected on the inside of a giant ball. I’m sure you can just picture yourself laying at an awkward angle on the floor in the center staring up trying to focus on something other than the tiny section of the screen that is actually in your range of vision. We both got sorta sick and almost had to leave. Luckily there were some uncomfortable metal chairs setting up at the top, and we were able to sit there and watch it sort of like a normal movie…../end rant). Lois has got herself an incredibly good man, (He’s not even a jerk to Clark!) – don’t ask me how as she’s still pretty much a tool. Let’s not dwell on the moral ambiguities involving telling one man a child someone else fathered is actually his…And then Superman comes back and his attitude is basically “I’m superman, of course you love me. Did I mention I’m Superman. I can fly. Don’t believe me? Here, let me force you to embrace my sexy muscled body while I’m the only thing keeping you alive thousands of feet above the ground. Oh, did I forget to mention I’m Superman? I really dig Jessica Simpson.”

So yeah, overall, decently made movie, probably better than X-Men 3, but the “plot” (if you can call it that) was probably actually worse, suprisingly. It’s amusing how the “menace” of the giant crystal continent is only possible via Superman…

B) I just re-read The Reality Disfunction again. This would be first book/books of the Night’s Dawn trilogy (I think that’s the title, it’s been a while). I won’t spend too long gushing about this book, but here’s a bit. It’s the only Sci-Fi series other than Dune I’ve ever had any impulse to re-read. It also bears some thematic relation to the Dune books just in that it is about something much bigger than the actual plot, and takes the age old Man vs. X to new heights. I won’t spoil you with the plot, because it sounds so much more trite than it is in execution. If you’re a sci-fi fan and you haven’t read this series you be beaten to near senselessness by Trekkies armed with circa 1983 Lightsabres. Assuming they could actually muscle up the muscle to cause you any damage.

C) Did I have something else I wanted to address? Maybe, but it’s forgotten now.

D) Still waitin’ for my hot dirt to cool down.

I love that semi-euphoric feeling that life has more possibilities than you suspected that you get when you finish a really good book.



  1. I know. Comments left behind. So I’ll repost this: Superman was awesome. Don’t be mad.


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