Posted by: Andy | August 19, 2006

blogging from the road

Ahhh California. I missed it and I sort of didn’t. My 10 year high school reunion is tonight. Out at some bar in the middle of nowhere in Creston – an interesting choice if I do say so. It will make leaving drunk a challenge – or at least dangerous. Not that I was planning on doing that.

I got a KILLER deal on some comics at the lone comic shop remainining in this county – Captain Nemo Comics. Those of you from the area may be familiar with its many moves over the years, but now it resides in the same building as Cheap Thrills, another awesome store and one of the better used music stores I’ve been to. It’s a pretty trippy place now with rpg stuff, used video games, music, movies & comics all wedged into the same building. The back issue room is pretty neat..just a random stairway in a corner takes you a TINY little room full of back issues. Somehow I found that cool. Anyway, I got all kinds of stuff I was missing at almost cover price.

Should be an interesting night.



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