Posted by: Andy | August 22, 2006

fun bits from the web

Some interesting bits I’ve found surfing lately:
*here is anamusing bit of comic commentary during my standard surfing the other day. The author makes a very funny/good point as well as addressing one of my current annoyances with comics (the wierd photo tracing styled penciling). Not to mention that I was having a similar thought about Ultimate Sue Storm lately – she seems to look different from issue to issue and might as well just be a bunch of different pin-up girls.

*A rather positive note here. Infinite free energy? HAH! Right?! I’m sure if it’s legit someone will kill them all and make it look like it was just a crock to start with anyway eh?
*Fun facts from the science front! Long story short: they appear to have found “proof” of dark matter, which is a really Big Thing (TM) in the world of astronomy and science in general. The author goes on and elucidates much more than I ever could and even has pretty pictures! Anyway, you heard it here 615,351th!

There was an article someone sent me about a guy in India who had two functioning penises (!) who was having one of them removed (?!). But I figured that was too easy.

I’m experimenting with trackbacks…hopefully my lame newb-ass blogging ass didn’t piss anyone off.



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