Posted by: Andy | August 24, 2006

now for some funny

Ok, this one is sort of lighthearted: . On the other hand, I’m not a big fan of toilet paper, and if they ever get this shit worked out, I wouldn’t mind having something like that. We often talk about how handy a bidet (sp?) would be. Maybe this would be better?

Can I get mine with a massage setting, so when my fat lazy ass is falling asleep after a marathon 93 minute dump I can turn it on and keep said fat ass from getting all pin-and-needly?

This one is quite amusing, I think I’m actually going to try it: Anti-telemarketer script.



  1. i loved the anti-telemarketer script. wish someone had told me about it before i put my phone number on the national no call list. sheesh.

  2. Don’t worry! The list doesn’t seem to work that well, we still get 2-3 every day/night on average. 😦


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