Posted by: Andy | August 24, 2006

Where science and politics meet, religion can’t be far behind

I came across (what I think are) two pretty important updates in two of the battles making the rounds in our current (US) political arena: Stem-cell research & birth control.

The first, is that some scientists (vague I know, I have the memory of dead elk) have come up with a way to harvest stem cells without destroying/killing the donating embryo. Why is this big news? Because Bush’s whole thing with denying money for stem cell research was that it was like abortion/etc. Now that we’ve (hopefully) got a non-lethal (or harmful) way to do this, hopefully we can get some government funding and start seeing some results in the near future. Me, I’d like to be able to grow some nice, functional bat wings for myself with them, but I doubt that’s possible. I’d settle for much better donor organs & replacement limbs. Dieties know our troops in (and returning from) Iraq could really use a lot of the possible treatments.

Next up – the morning after pill! I’ll go out on a very sturdy limb here and say that anyone who is going to be outraged by this pill, which doesn’t even terminate a pregnancy – it makes it much more difficult for the pregnancy to occur, don’t have any business near politics (and is probably afraid of words, especially written ones).

I am a little skeptical of the sentence If she already is pregnant, the pills have no effect though. Birth control has such a strong affect on many women’s bodies anyway, I find it surprising that a concentrated dose in such a short period wouldn’t have any effect. But I’ll leave that decision to the people who have actually done the studies. I mean, we trust them when they tell us to drink milk right? ;).

Me, I still sort of hope that we have some kind of innate genetic birth control installed in us at some point, and you have to make a conscious effort OR take some kind of pill to turn it off. Maybe you should have to undergo some kind of outside review to determine if you’re fit to raise a child…I know that sounds draconian but…meh. Too many drug addicts, teenagers, child abusers and just plain idiots who don’t deserve children or often even want them wind up as (shitty) parents now. Which often makes another generation of shitty parents. And so on and so forth.



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