Posted by: Andy | August 27, 2006

The new Heroes for Hire book

was pretty good.

h4h1 cover

The only thing that really annoyed me was how Misty kept saying CIVIL WAR. Over and over again. It’s a cross over, WE GET.IT.PEOPLE. The all black bottom on the cover with the giant white letters CIVIL WAR kind of gave it away.

High points include some decent writing, some moves on the part of the leads (when was the last time you saw a Marvel Hero actually lure some villains into a trap and arrest them for no reason other than that they were criminals? No vendettas, no cross town battles, no nonsense. Awesome!), pretty good pencils so far (although some panels are hard to follow, and many of the fights felt abbreviated – or maybe they are just that badass), and none of the characters looking like caricatures thus far. The “new” character (maybe she’s not, I’ll have to look), the new Tarantula seems a bit off though. I sort of hate the out-of-nowhere-borderline-cliche characters, but the writers (Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti) are doing a good job with the rest, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Besides, it’s always good to see more ethnic heroes – provided they aren’t cliche. Only time will tell if this “fiery latina” is something interesting or another walking stereotype.

I didn’t realize Colleen Wing was supposed to be half Japanese. Interesting.

[Edit: Newsarama has a nice history of the Heroes for Hire concept and titles here.]



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