Posted by: Andy | September 1, 2006

end of week shitpile

Where to start, where to start. Here I suppose. It’s yet another bit of interest from Carl over at Loom. It all started so simply, with daring to tread into the murky waters of AM radio. And lo, but he hath hooked an ID-er!

More amusement lies behind door #2! This is the fun bit most folks have probably heard about, about how Radio Shack laid off a bunch of employees via email! How’s that for impersonal you useless worker bee-atches!

Back to science. This one is fucking awesome. I love closeted geniuses who live with their mothers!!! No, really, I do.

Two fun hits from the boys at Penny Arcade: 1 2. No, I don’t know what the fuck is up with #2 either. But that makes it all the more brilliant. It’s probably some inside joke that is funny for some other reason, but if so, I’m enjoying it even more on the outside.

OMG! Someone put together a killer Hum website, like 8 years too late! But seriously though, mad props to the web-mistress, as I was most pleased to download like every freaking EP I would NEVER be able to find! Not that I’m not trying, but the rare few I’ve seen offered on the net have run as high as $95. Way past my wee collectors budget for a 2-4 song ep.

Ya’ll heard anything about the 20hz frequency thing that kids in the UK are supposedly using for ringtones? It all started from some hummingbird machine (sorry no linkie) that produced a frequency mostly inaudible to adults, but fucking annoying to the youth. Evidently “hanging out” is becoming criminal over there. Anyway, some late bits on it are here.

I found someone even more into music than me! I was wounded by the low # of bands he was into that I’d even heard of. Dissappointed in myself! It’s hard to be hip when you’re lame! But seriously, he’s got some groovy music posted there, and it’s awesome to find someone with similar tastes in music and access to lots of cds that I don’t have, and that is willing to post bits and pieces of them so we can check them out. That’s a great way to use a blog.

HMMMMMM. Maybe worth doing at some point…I wonder about the legality.

On a moderately different (but still musical) note, Dylan’s whole Highway 61 revisited album is reminding me very strongly of early Springsteen. Or rather, early Springsteen appears to me to be quite obviously influenced by Highway 61.

Carry on, carry on.



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