Posted by: Andy | September 8, 2006

*virtual bones creak*

I think the internet just officially outgrew me, I am now old and out of touch with it, creeping along the backroads that only the old-timers and the curious know about, but totally in the dark about all the shiny new strip malls thrown up on the outside lanes.

I mean I still know my way around better than 98% of the people out there – but knowing your way to many out of the way places isn’t what seems to constitute actual net usage by the populace these days. Once again, the young are changing the way a medium is used. Not a bad thing at all, but it helps to place us on different sides of a generation line.

What the fuck am I talking about?
Here’s one facet, for example: lonelygirl15 junk

Note that you can just google lonelygirl15 and find all kinds of junk about that particular net-omena.

I had no idea youtube had gotten that creative/out of control. People have been saying how this could be the future of video entertainment and I’ve just been laughing to myself, but the world moves without my input. Maybe it will actually catch on – ok that’s not worded right – it IS on already. People (many or most of them younger than I) across the world are flocking to this place like crazy. The question I guess is how and when the mass media will mis-use the medium, and whether or not they render in so lame and overcomercialzed (re: MTV?) that it loses touch with it’s original audiance and becomes something different. And will that different thing still be “cool” or just used by the totally mindless masses (re: MTV again which is still “cool” to them, but not actually “cool” for the most part…)?

OK now I’m rambling. But that’s ok, because I’m a net-geezer! Or maybe just a net-mid-life-crisis-er!



  1. you got it right! all hail those grey-haired computer users out there!!

  2. OMG, someone from the [outside] found me! Muhuhahah.


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