Posted by: Andy | September 12, 2006

Do you know what YOUR vengeful fans are doing?

OK, first off: SERIOUSLY?

Sure, the croc hunter might have been a great guy, but how could anyone be that into him? And like, if they were, how could they ever think that hurting animals would be a good thing? Well, aside from the occasional insertion of a finger into an animal anus that is. (OK OK I admit, South Park forever corrupted any real memories I had of croc dude).

I seriously doubt this actually had anything to do with Steve Irwin, and is just a really good example of news media trying REALLY hard to attract attention to itself. Of course, I could be wrong….that would be even more amusing.

Next up, beware there could be offensive pictures here.
Long story short, some guy posted a fake posting to craigslist Seattle posing as a chic who wanted to be sexually dominated. Then, he posted everyones replies to him online, along with their email addresses and sometimes real phone numbers. I’m really not sure where my opinion is on this one actually, I mean it’s funny, and people willing to cheat on their spouses (some of them) deserve what they get, but the guy doing the “prank” also seems like an idiot.

Way to set an example for your congregation!

Seriously, if anyone should have salary caps it’s priests/ministers/pastors/etc. Why? Because I’m a jerk?

Here’s one for the more science minded. The last few sentences are the most interesting bit for me – hinting at the possibility of humans being sensitive to magnetic fields. *eyebrow*

On the music side, I’ve picked up (mostly just filling in holes in my collection) or checked out a few albums lately. The holes filled include the first two Get Up Kids discs (Woodson EP & Four Minute Mile), which I thought were decent, but not as good as what came later and the first few Alkaline Trio albums (some of which I already had or heard digitally). What I’ve been really excited about lately though is The Hold Steady. They are sort of picking up where Springsteen had tuned in to Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited and then left off circa 1975ish, mixing that with a touch of alchohol, a splash of 70s fuzz, a pinch of Christian/Catholic imagery and a few helpings of hoodrats. Seriously.

Definitely check out the second album (it’s the one I got first and feel is a bit stronger and definitely more interesting as an album experience, although not as good as the first – or so the reviewers would have you believe). Sweet! A Pitchfork Interview has just googled in to inform me that the main guys had a previous band whose records I can hopefully track down. Go team record scroungers!

You can here a few songs here at this brief NPR blurb-thing. Then again, I’m sure the main web site probably has some too, I just haven’t looked yet.



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