Posted by: Andy | September 14, 2006

Go go gadget election hacking!

I found this quite amusing. You know, amusing in that way that makes you angry and sad at American politics. I wasn’t at all surprised though. I was wondering how long before something like this would finally make it (somewhat) public.

This is mostly amusing. I agree with their quote of the week: “I didn’t want to hurt the dog, I just wanted to get it off the girl. So I stabbed it in the head.” Not that I in ANY way endorse violence against animals.

Yay for some Catholics! And it even comes with a Darwin quote I actually like: “A dog might as well speculate on the mind of Newton. Let each man hope and believe what he can.”

I don’t believe evolution & in creation(ism) are in anyway conflicting. All these scientists gung-ho on “disproving” god need to fucking chill, because they can’t. And by the same token, I’d like it if the hardcore/fundamentalists would stop pushing for religious topics in public/gov’t funded schools (separation of church & state yo).



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