Posted by: Andy | September 17, 2006

Senior on senior violence is [not] funny!

Ahh, Portland, plenty of white trash here. Case in point.

The front page news story was more “interesting” because it had photos of both of the involved parties.

In case you missed the most interesting facts: 50+ ex husband of 51 year old nurse hires 59 year old creepy wierd santa dude who “cleans up” (newsspeak for “mops up jizz/etc.”) at the adult store (which the ex-husband just happens to run/own??) to kill his wife. Creepy Santa (or, as I like to call him, Devil Santa with Clawhammer) somehow fucks up and gets himself choked to death by his intended 260 pound victim.

So many things to say, but I’ll limit my venom to crazy [dead] santa:

Wow dude. Wow. If you haven’t got your life together by the time you are 59 such that murder-for-hire-with-a-hammer is a tempting job option, suicide should really be your main career focus at that point.

PS: Who pre-plans a murder with a hammer as the weapon of choice? Again, I suggest the suicide option for any put in a position where .

PPS: Am I the only one slightly wierded out by the fact that there is a wiki page for something as mundane as a fucking hammer?

Oh, no, wait, there’s one for fingers too! Wow. Just, wow.

Oh, and Zohowriter runs really slow with 6 bit torrent streams going. 😛 Still, if you’re like me and find yourself working on ideas in multiple places (work, home, elsewhere) it’s a great timesaver. There are plenty of other companies that offer the online document stuff – even Google got in on the business with a spreadsheet tool. But so far, of the ones I’ve tried, Zoho has been the one that fit me best.



  1. Too bad they can’t put how Creepy Santa died on his tombstone, he needs to be humiliated for all eternity.

    And when that husband of hers gets locked up, I hope they get conjugal visits so that she can work her magic on him too.


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