Posted by: Andy | September 23, 2006

Boise?? WTF?

So I’m blogging from Boise, so sue me.
We decided to drive out here because…well, because we figure we might as well go to Idaho now while we’re leaving relatively close – because we sure won’t be back later!

I thought it funny that the very first people we saw, not 3 miles into good old ID, was a car full of Mennonite chicks. Or something like Mennonites, they all wore matching tacky archaic dresses and little black cap thingees. Whatever they are it was kind of creepy.

Boise itself….well, it’s clean and pretty I guess. And like, super laid back so far. There were very few people in the “downtown” area we hung out in for a few hours. We had dinner at this fancy pizza place called Proto’s. It was ok.

Annnd now we’re at a Doubletree Club inn/hotel thing. Which is actually the nicest hotelmotel place we’ve stayed at on our random wanderings. More later, hopefully something interesting.



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