Posted by: Andy | September 30, 2006

Just in: All kinds of shit!

Much of this stuff is late, as I’ve been making notes for the last week or so, but here goes. The whole Intel 80-core thing is amusing, just in the sense of – wtf are you making that announcement this early for? It’s like 5 years away. You don’t see TV or car companies saying “Hey, our product in 5 years is really going to rock – watch for it!” Marketing BS I know, but it just seems silly.

I found a nice article over at Wired about the concept of a “40 hour game”, that has been pretty much the standard targeted game length for many years now, and how as gamers get older and have less time to game, this gets to be overkill. I find myself agreeing – I rarely have time to “finish” a game anymore, I usually get bored and switch about 70% through.

The 3-directional LCD looks pretty cool. I’m not sure what use I’d have for it, but the whole concept of pushing 3 images through the same monitor seems pretty neat, and I’m SURE advertisers will make lots of use of it, at the least.

For a different angle on the medical success rate stats you always here from prescription drugs, check this article out. The magic of adspeak man.

This is actually something I’ve been saying for a few years. It’s actually really funny hearing environmentalists get wound up about corn ethanol – although I think they’ve gotten better in recent years and caught up on these factoids at least. Gotta protect those lobby…err “American” interests!

Big geek & gaming news this week! Marvel is finally coming out with thier MMO and…it’s being built by Cryptic! In case you’re not a game geek…Cryptic makes City of Heroes/City of Villains…my MMO of choice for the last 3 years or so. They actually have experience doing superhero MMOs AND designing a mmo that’s not a total tedious time waster. *coughI’mlookingatyouWOWandEQandDAOCetc*. Hopefully you won’t require raid sized teams of 50 to fight Count Nefaria or whatnot :P.

This is freaking hilarious. DVD sniffing dogs? REALLY? Because a pirated DVD totally doesn’t smell EXACTLY LIKE a “real” one. Wow, and you thought Hollywood/MPAA/RIAA/etc. couldn’t get any dumber. No, I know you didn’t I’m just kidding…

This is pretty funny. I’m very surprised this is the first time it’s happened with any of the online map services.

I guess this scam has been going around craigslist lately or something, I can’t actually remember where I found it. They are definitely getting smarter though, this one exploits some pretty specific holes in the banking system. Ones that probably wouldn’t be evident to your average joe schmoe selling stuff at all.

Here’s a nice debunking of one of those silly male vs. female vocabulary statistics that gets trotted out all the time. Thanks Language Log! No it doesn’t roll down stairs and over your neighbor’s dog. I also followed another link from LL to take this brain-sex test over at some BBC site. Results: I was a 0, right in between “male” and “female” brain-edness. Of course, I suspect the test is kind of uber simplistic and only has 3 possible scores, because 2 other males I know took it and got a 0 and a 50 (female), and both of them seem to think pretty “manly” to me….but who knows! ^ ^



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