Posted by: Andy | September 30, 2006

Total recording industry bullshit!

Random BS, I went out and picked up the new Hold Steady (and the new Starflyer – more (much) on this later!) today. Got a deal on it for $8.50 used. The kicker, there’s a sticker on it that says:

This CD is property of the record company and is licensed to the intended recipient for personal use only. Acceptance of this CD shall constitute an agreement to comply with the terms of this license. Resale or transfer of possession is not allowed and may be punishable under federal and state laws. This CD may be watermarked to identify the intended recipient.





Those fucking idiot horsecock sucking greedy ass record label fucksters are trying to tell us it’s ILLEGAL TO RESELL cds now? ….Fuck you in the ear with a chainsaw you reprocessed anal leakage slurping roasted shit humping dog molesting baby killing capalfascists!

Nevermind the fact that I bought it used. I was surprised that someone resold it already (there were no new copies available), seeing as how it just came out. But I’m guessing they saw that and said “Fuck you record label, I’m going to sell this back just because I can.”

So, fuck you record label, I guess I’ll have to sell this CD back.



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