Posted by: Andy | October 2, 2006

TV on the Radio, 10/02/06, Portland, OR

Never mind the fact that the floor was sticky like an uncleaned porn theatre, or that people were too lazy to ferry their plastic cups off to the trash can six feet away. Never mind that I told some random person to “shut the fuck up” for pretty much the first time ever (in public). I was there. I was somewhere while something was happening. It sounds cheesy I know, but this was the best show I have in my currently accessible memory, and maybe the best show I’ve ever been to (a show on the first Madness reunion tour seems to rank highly in the vagueness that is my past though).

They changed up ALL the songs. Nothing really sounded like it did on the albums, and it was awesome. It was sort of like, not really like another band covering them, but like a tribute band whose love for the music and sheer joy of playing songs that they know have already stood the test of time, songs that slay (as it were), has allowed them to actually rise above the band whose songs they are playing. When the tribute outstrips the tribute-e. Have you ever seen a band like that? Me neither. But what I saw tonight is as close as I think I’ll come to that kind of allegorical weirdness. Listening to the albums now just sounds dry by comparison.

There were some crazy sonicscapes…at least two times I lost track of my brain for a few moments, like I was high. It sounds like I’m being melodramatic I know, honesty is stupid like that sometimes. At one point the singer recorded himself beat boxing, then recorded himself whistling, then had those two looping for the rest of the song – and it kicked ass! There was only one point where I thought the experiments mildly misfired – the opened one of the songs with an electronic metronome type sound, and it was really loud and annoying until the rest of the volume kicked in, and then at that point it blended nicely.

Also, they were filming some kind of tour video too…so there is a minute chance we will show up in the far background of a half a second scene in there! At one point the camera man crowd surfed on his back out to the edge of the crowd & back, all while filming. You don’t see too much crowd surfing anymore, especially in a club like that, so I was surprised.

Oh, what about the shut the fuck up bit you ask? The chick one chick over from me(probably about 4 feet), for at minimum 30 minutes and at maximum the length of the set (about an hour) yelled at her friend (who was right next to her) at such a volume that I, with earplugs, heard her over the music. And keep in mind that this is INCESSANT. In between songs, during songs, the whole fucking time. It’s like the pastor’s senile grandfather masturbating in church…no one is going say anything about the elephant with diarrhea in the room making it smell like morbid ass for everyone else. So, I don’t know, it’s not like me at all, but during the 2nd of 3 encore songs I just snapped and yelled at her to “Please shut the fuck up!” I said something too about how I couldn’t believe how loud she was or something too, I can’t really recall. I was going to put a picture up here of her (if it came out), and say all kinds of mean things but, after being all appalled and bitchy when I said it, she for some reason decided to apologize to me after the show. Which was, very gracious. Not that my outburst wasn’t at all warranted (because it was, although I could have asked nice…but like I said I was music-high, not quite thinking straight and hating to be constantly pulled out of the mood by her fucking yapping), but hey most people would just stay bitchy and not have the stones to suck it and apologize. So kudos to her. Sort of. She said the reason for her volume was that she hadn’t see her friend in 13 years.

Hint: Don’t choose a concert as the staging point for your 13 year reunion. Try like, a coffee shop, or a bar, or a restaurant? Or, if you actually like the person, maybe even your house!

Oh, and Portland is full of ugly people. Or girls at least. Man, I really don’t think any place in California was this bad…I’m sooo glad I’m not single up here. Although I’m sure there must be attractive girls out there somewhere….? I saw lots of C’s & D-‘s dolled up like they were B+’s. Sorry girls, no points for effort on the final.



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