Posted by: Andy | October 5, 2006

Boys and Girls in America

OK, so the new Hold Steady album totally slays. I’m not going to take it back, even though it has that reprehensible sticker on it. I’m going to see if I can get ahold of the band and ask them about that though…somehow.

But man, this is American Rock and Roll finally coming back as something somewhat new and refreshingly old. [TANGENT WARNING]I just read in the new Rolling Stone last night that the indie kids are suddenly “into Springsteen again”…fuckheads! I feel like a stupid defensive kid saying this but I’ve been into Springsteen since 1984 and I’ve got the 10+ albums and multiple bootlegs to show for it…that weren’t all suddenly ordered off Amazon or ITunes last week :P. Not that claiming anything matters, but I’m just amused. Indie/scene kids and their whole holier than thou thing always crack me up when they glom onto something like they always thought it was cool, when really they’re sorta just as bad as the MTV crowd. It’s true, they like better music..but they like it for roughly the same reasons that a teeny-bopper likes that lip-syncing plastic surgery chic. [END TANGENT] The new album is definitely more…accessible with some cleanish bgvs, guest appearances by Dave Pirner and one of the chicks from Sarge, and all kinds of piano/keyboard…but it’s still Hold Steady, and it still kicks ass.

I couldn’t say which of the 3 albums is the best now…they all have their thing, and they all kick ass. If you love rock, pick them up. The sound is sort of like…late 70s/early 80s american rock + drunken irish sounding vocals (sorta like Dropkick Murphies) + Asbury Park era Springsteen metaphorical overdramatic story lyrics with more drugs & sex.

Oh, and go back and listen to Springsteen’s Lost in the Flood too while you’re at it. Fucking brilliant song.



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