Posted by: Andy | October 6, 2006

End of the week shitpile 10/06

Well, I’m sitting at home sick feeling like shit, so I figured might as well get something “productive” done.

Lot’s of fun stuff this week…and off we go!

Man gets ticketed because someone painted no parking lines UNDER HIS CAR WHILE IT WAS PARKED THERE. You can’t make this shit up.

Jurassic Park here we come! Ok, not really, but it is amazingly cool that they found fucking dinosaur tissue! I’m not much of a paleowhatsitologist, but this just seems huge huge huge. Supposedly the dna chains have broken down by now so they can’t close em…but who knows, maybe someone will invent a dna reconstructor next. πŸ˜›

More drama about the pre-9/11 buildup. Who knows how accurate this is, but if it is – surprise! OK, I know, no one is surprised. The bizarre thing is, of course, that if this is true it must have been purposefully omitted from the 9/11 report. Well, not necessarily by the report writer, but someone probably lied when questioned…

Just in case you are one of those people still stuck in some kind of denial about second hand smoke damage, this is for you.

More election drama speculation from Rolling Stone & RFK. It makes for good reading though, and there’s some bits from a Diebold whistle blower in there that really should make people think twice about the price of Democracy in America. Or should I have said the “cost”? Hmm…

Ahh, Buddy Jesus, seriously? I hate to be that guy, but the extremist Muslims are making our extremist Christians look nice and open minded by comparison. Which, you know, they sort of are for the most part. πŸ˜‰ I’m all for freedom of religion, etc, but part of that is accepting that while you have a right to your religion, everyone else also has a right to mock your religion incessantly. Deal with it.

If I had a picture of Mohammed to post I would, just because that’s part of the priveledge we get for living in the US (or Canada, or most Western European countries). I know there are lots of moderate Muslims out there, and just like our moderate Christians, their voices are being overpowered by the extra-nutty. The extra nutty are all the only folks I’m talking about here, please keep that in mind. The suicide bomber, that guy who went to Matthew Sheperd’s funeral just to be a jackass and tell gays they are going to hell, folks like that. True, ours aren’t violent on the same scale (there IS definitely anti-whatever violence here though, I’m not ignoring that!) yet, but who is to say what could happen if they are left unchecked?

Shipping container structures. A neat way to re-use the detritus of globalization.

Just in case you though the Patriot act wasn’t Orwellian enough, the sequel kicks it up a notch! Everyone loves Autumn blockbusters! Seriously though, what the fucking hell?

Robert Anton Wilson can’t afford to pay his rent. How sad is it that this brilliant author (and probably the only modern day philosopher who ever made any sense to me) can’t afford to keep up on his hospital and rent bills. I’m sure the naysayers will say that he just wasted his money or was a poor financial mananger or something to that effect, but for those who’ve read his work we suspect he has better sense than that.

It’s true that one should never create beauty and expect to make a living off it, but it’s still very disheartening. In an un-surprising show of warmth (considering who his fans usually are), fans from across the net & world have banded together and given what they could (myself included, though only a small amount). Hopefully we’ll see an update at some point.

O! Just found this heartwarming update right before I was about to post this.

And lastly, teleportation is just plain cool. While these scientists seem mostly concerned with teleporting information, which will radically change computers & electronics (yet again) I, of course, am more interested in being able to teleport home to visit the family once a month or so. Not to mention those holidays on Mars I’ve always dreamed of…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



  1. This has nothing to do with this blog…although I did read it…but whoever wrote that ish about the cinnamon chunks is killing me, smalls. That was hilarious. I would not under any circumstances come within reaching distance of that “food” though.

  2. *Takes credit*

    That was my diarrhea! Never again. Well….maybe just once.


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