Posted by: Andy | October 22, 2006

a mound composed of fecal matter

First off…I upgraded our computers – and let me say this has been the most annoying upgrade to date. All kinds of tiny little glitches on both our computers, several of which I have yet to track down. *sigh* Oh well, they are getting more stable every day! The sad thing is they are 95% identical systems, and having totally different issues. Fun.

Anyway, on to that fecal matter you were so excited about!

This one’s bound to piss off lots of Americans…especially the obese ones: Click me!

A study done by some, you know, science-y people over at Cornell asks a question I have thought about a lot (seriously): Does television cause autism? The answer doesn’t surprise me. Or their answer I should say….facts are only facts until they are disproven.

The the mac vs. windows war goes to the next level! The best part is the jab they took at Microsoft…completely neglecting the fact that their products shipped in a way packaging gym shorts with low grade syphilis (Are there grades to syphilis? If so, who grades them?).

But can they make a Cloak of Elvenkind?

Cool biology tidbit for the week: bacteria that live 2km or so below the earth’s crust and harvest energy in a way completely disconnected from the whole sun/energy cycle we have upstairs. Observe.



  1. Allow me to answer that ridiculous autism query with a headbutt.

  2. There aren’t so much grades to syphilis as stages. Tertiary being the one to watch out for. But if you could watch for it, it probably wouldn’t have gotten that far.


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