Posted by: Andy | February 5, 2007

Halfway to babyland

OK, we’re not quite halfway there (20 weeks in), but it’s close enough that it feels like halfway, at least maybe in the sense of half the stress gone…I hope! Oh, and it’s a boy. Or will be when it’s fully present in the outside world.

Buying/selling a house is a royal pain in the ass. Because we only got one offer (it came like 3 days after posting), and we accepted it after responding with a bump, we don’t get to have a fun blind bidding war. We found a place we like, a little condo (way) out east, but at least not in Gresham. So we make an offer and lo and behold 2 other people supposedly made offers as well. So our agent advised us to bump up quite a bit, which isn’t advice I liked. SOoooo, if we get this place, we’ll wind up shelling out more than we wanted PLUS paying our own closing costs PLUS paying 2-3 grand of the people buying our place’s closing costs. Awesome!! Everyone wins? Wait, no, everyone wins but us.

I’ve got a huge pile of links I’m REALLY going to try and blog about like, tonight maybe, but maybe not.



  1. I miss Zain. We should hang out. Jen can come if she must.


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