Posted by: Andy | February 17, 2007

(very) overdue linkfest 3

Dude! Sweet!

Some dude lost weight playing wii sports. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Looks like State Farm might FINALLY pay out some of its Katrina claims.

Freaking awesome. Go go gadget samurai vigilantes!

In more Wii related news, some woman drank so much water in a contest to win one, she died. Seriously.

Micro-robot to swim around in our bloodstream. What if it goes all berserk and turns my blood into vomit juice?

Crazy Powerpoint machine gone awfully wrong! But wait, it finds snipers.

A really neat little article about a Chinese village possibly being descended (partially) from a lost Roman legion or some junk or stuff.

Possible simple, aid for cancer. Probably won’t be funded because the big name pharma-whores can’t patent it and make fat cash on it.

A long article about the evolution of cancer, I forgot what I found particularly interesting about it.

File under “more coolness”. Lightning balls created in lab. Foo fighters anyone?

Hubble + dark matter = crazy science.

The Tesla roadster! I want one.

Trash to power. Can’t wait for the home version. Hopefully it doesn’t smell too bad.

Hack your pocket!

Mind reading brain scanner. Sure it would have some good uses…but who thinks it wouldn’t wind up all crazy mind reading cop-government, huh?

Micro turbines:
Lots of possibilities for these! Don’t ask me why, but the software wouldn’t let me make a link over text out of that link…

Mice cured of form of autism. This bodes well for us in the future, especially with the rising rates of Autism (classification) in the US.

Whew! Done for another month or so ;).



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