Posted by: Andy | March 3, 2007


OK, so I’m finally valid (you know, the opposite of “in-valid” 😛 ) and semi-mobile again. Man, that surgery was you know, a breeze, but the few days after – nasty nasty nasty. I have literally NEVER done LESS in my life during the course of a day. For two days I pretty much just sat on the couch. I didn’t watch tv, or read, or play video games, or ANYTHING, I just sat there and kind of fumbled for either sleep or consciousness, but never really achieved either.

I really think most of it was the general anesthetic trickling out of my system. They also gave me oxycodone or something like that, which I took for a day or two but then stopped because I just want that shit out of my system. I’m still not sleeping right, my own snoring wakes me up frequently, not to mention keeps me sleeping downstairs on the couch so I don’t keep Jen up. Oh, and our wallbors (like neighbors, but closer!) were up watching TV until at least 530 am last night. So yeah, didn’t sleep for multiple reasons.

Oh, and in a totally unrelated but amusing direction – I had someone try to sell me “rock” for the first time today. First his friend tried to sell me an “all-in-one DVD” though, whatever that is. Two dudes loitering out in front of a convenience store that we stopped in as we were driving around trying to find some Laffy Taffy for Jen. Man, where are the US Army recruiters when you need them?



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