Posted by: Andy | March 10, 2007

Zack galafinwhatsis

Last night we went to see Zack Galafianakis last night at the Crystal Ballroom over on W 13th & Burnside or so. Which is a shitty venue for comedy mind you. The TINY plastic chairs were packed SO close together it was disgusting. Seriously, even if you imagine the worst case scenario, you still might not be picturing it right.

But the show was really great. His opener, Hari Kondabolu was really funny too. I love me some political and racial humor. Hari was more on point than Zack too, Zack was kind of all over the place, and mumbled/blew a few jokes, but he seemed to be having fun with everything – it wasn’t taking or offputting really. Amusingly enough, out of the say, 6 people in the entire audience he picked to talk to, he picked both of us. Bizarre huh? I sounded HORRIBLE with my whole surgeryfuckplugged nose, and he teased me about that, but hey, I would have too, it was too obvious. Another amusing thing was, the audience was like 95% white, but he still managed to talk to like 3 non-white people and 3 white people, I found that amusing. He’s from the South, and I think lives in New York….so maybe he feels a little like me that there is such a thing as too much whiteness. Portland really does have a lot of non-whites, but they always seem to be hiding anytime we go to a show or something.

Oh and stupid + drunk just = more stupid. People still don’t get this. Maybe they should have it tattooed on their palms at 16 or something.



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