Posted by: Andy | March 18, 2007


Yeh, I know, that was an easy one.

Anyway, I picked up a Wii this week – I certainly wasn’t going to spend ~1000 (after accessories – $75 for a component cable???) on a PS3, and the Xbox just seems like a toned town computer, with all that entails. Oh, and it’s also $400+ before accessories.

Anyway, so the Wii, while being less of a “powerhouse” (processor/graphics wise) compared to the other two systems, has some serious innovation packed into that tiny box. It’s also worth noting that Nintendo is making money off every console sold at $250, and Sony & Microsoft on both taking losses on their $400-700 consoles, hoping to make it up on the games. That should say a little about the engineering issues each group ran up against.

Oh, the retard part, yeah, that’s because I’m still stuck in the training/tutorial section of Zelda. I can’t figure out how to fucking fish, I’ve probably spend 2 hours on it over the course of 4 days. Just sitting there watching the fishing pole. I caught a fish, the first 5 seconds or so I tried it, and then have been unable to catch a second (which you need to progress in the game) since then. Sad isn’t it? Where’s an 8 year old when you need one.



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