Posted by: Andy | April 3, 2007

look it’s a pile of …

Before I just get way too many of these again, here’s a bunch of links to interesting things/stories I’ve found in the last week or so that you might also find interesting.

nerves – sound not electricity
*This relatively simple theory implies lots of things about our structure, and our nature in general. I’m fascinated at what technologies will come out of this if it holds out to be true. Not to mention for what it says about our appreciation of music, and our interaction with our sonic environment.

water under mars
*I wonder if we’ll really ever know anything about the rest of the galaxy? I suspect that China’s new interest in space travel might drive us to get back into space race again, that would be nice.

string matter stuff
*I love me some science.

ethanol debate
*I forget.

couple sentenced for having sex in front of child

*Not sure how I feel about this. If they were the kids natural parents, I’d say it’s probably within their rights to demonstrate sexuality to their kids. Of course, it REALLY REALLY depends on what/how they were doing it, and how the kids feel about it. There’s also a difference between showing once, and doing it all the time like an exhibition…psyche evals might be needed. I suspect the couple was just drunk white trash anyway O.O.

new inkjet tech
*This is actually really cool, take a look at their videos, especially the wide format printer. If you’re into that kind of thing.

wii workout
*Kinda doubting the validity of this, as I’m in my 3rd week or so of testing it, and not seeing NEAR the results this guy did.

race in comics
*I think Jen sent me this one, good read.

dearth of non-white comic heroes
*Or it might have been this one. I think coincidentally on the same day we each found a separate article on the same subject, I just forget which is which. 😛

france & ufos
*Man would it be cool if our gov’t released their info like this. No concrete proof of course, but still interesting that even a national government has a few things left written off as completely unexplained.

amd-intel-vista comparisons
*Good stuff if you’re geeky…

not so blind mice (ha ha)
*Good stuff no matter what you are – come on man it’s COOL!

death of the (pop) album?
*Good riddance, who gives a fuck if The Britney Duffstown Massacre puts out a whole album of shit or just one pile of shit, the less the better!

I doubt the album will ever die for quality music.

beware the sheep-men!

no more sales?
*This is really interesting for the ramification it could possibly have on our economy and capitalism in general. Not that our capitalism is incredibly far from fascio-socialism at this point anyway.

semi identical twins & hermie
*Note that “semi-identical” is not the same as fraternal or identical. It’s an uber-rare 3rd kind of twin!

hexagon on saturn

*More cool imagery from space.

the latest pyramid construction theory

Dang, that was still more than I thought I had. I hope someone enjoys!



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