Posted by: Andy | May 20, 2007

amusing review

I found this amusing little tidbit while browsing Allmusic, when I noticed they had only given Pablohoney 3/5 stars:

"Radiohead's debut album, Pablo Honey, is a promising collection that blends U2's anthemic rock with long, atmospheric instrumental passages and an enthralling triple-guitar attack that is alternately gentle and bracingly noisy. The group has difficulty writing a set of songs that are as compelling as their sound, but when they do hit the mark -- such as on "Anyone Can Play Guitar," "Blow Out," and the self-loathing breakthrough single "Creep" -- the band achieves a rare power that is both visceral and intelligent."

Huh. 3/5 stars eh? Not that I think my music taste is the best there is, but sometimes I just have to wonder if people are retarded, especially something like this coming from a professional music critic – Stephen Thomas Erlewine – whom I don’t know much about, other than I see a TON of his reviews on Allmusic, and I don’t always find them horribly offbase.

He did give The Bends 5/5 stars, which I agree with in theory, but what I don’t agree with is it being 2 stars better than Pablohoney…it was “closer” to their modern sound I guess, and people just blow holes in their jeans about modern Radiohead…but I still think the first 2.5 albums were really excellent, and vastly prefer them – mostly just because I prefer the one style of music to the other, not because I think the new ones are technically bad or anything.

Anyway, just random venting. Happy day and all, carry on.


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