Posted by: Andy | May 21, 2007

The season finale of Heroes…

was O.K.

It wasn’t great (Peter didn’t get his hair out of his eye, Sylar didn’t die…), it wasn’t horrible (neither did Peter or D.L.) – it was somewhere in between. It did show us one thing though, that the writing staff definitely has a plan (at least for the first season) – they knew where they were going, they didn’t give us any serious red herrings (other than alternate interpretations of the same “facts), and they didn’t suddenly change the script based on crazy fan/net/water buffalo ravings.

Which says good things, it’s rare to see (at least on non-cable) TV with a plan anymore. From what I’ve heard Lost started out that way, got drunk, and is now waking up in its own bed again, to fan delight. But I wouldn’t know, that show interests me about as much as shoving old dog food up my ass.

They did some interesting things – making Nathan just about as unlikeable as possible without being a villain, and then having him redeem himself at the end (just like they showed us he would early in the season). I hope his mom dies. Wait, did I just say that out loud? Nik(k?)i also winds up a little more likable in the end (to me at least, lots of people love her, but her story was the one I liked the least), and I’m glad their family is still together.

What else? Well, there was some foreshadowing about the next bigbad – he’s something of telepath or omnipath or some junk..gee I wonder if Sylar will eat him too? That would be beyond dumb. Did I mention that Sylar is so 1991 a-la Hannibal Lector?

The final “fight” was a huge letdown, including some feats of writing brilliance as Nik(k)i ripping up a telephone pole, hitting Sylar with it, then going to back to “help” D.L. by huddling on the ground next to him when she could have obviously killed Sylar…not that she knew who he was or why to trust Peter I guess. Not to mention the plot holes…those cops all showed up, collected the guy full of bullet hole (seriously, don’t tell me he’ll be back in a wheel chair next season, that would be hilarious!), but neglected to follow the huge trail of blood from the KILLER leading down into the sewer? OK….and where was crazy FBI bitch?

So, yes, I’m looking forward to the next season.

Hopefully Sylar dies in the first episode. At the very least he should be crippled or have some horrible life long kidney/bowel infection that causes him to drip bloody stool at all hours of the day.



  1. “Mom, (I know you’re about to kill the baddest, bad guy who’s hurting heroes, but, ) dad needs your help”

    Thanks Micah…not cool kid, not cool.

    I think i pretty much agree with all of your review, except for the thing about Lost (and man was that a bad visual – with the dog food )

    And can we just mention the fact that Peter didn’t just fly away himself. He can FLY people, all by himself, why did Nathan have to fly him up there?

    Also. I’m just saying, if I was Nathan I would have flown Peter up there, throw him up in the air, let him fall a bit and fly away as far as I could before the explosion.


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