Posted by: Andy | May 24, 2007

White people are cool because we can be anything

Now we can even be black!

Thank you Angelina Jolie for showing us the way not once but TWICE this year.

Since the first link is just to some random blog, and the second lacks appropriate images, I dig a little digging and found some of my own (oh wait, here someone did a three way type thing for the first one, oh well I’ve already found the images, might as well do this myself).


Marianne Pearl

The Fox, from the Wanted comic (note that she was visually modelled on *DUH* Halle Berry):

Talk about range, you go girl!

I hear she’s up to play Oprah in the biopic.

A few more white actors/actresses with range like this and we won’t even need black people at all! Man, are we inventive or what?

Just in case anyone is flaming idiot, or happened to hit their faces on the oven this morning and have a severe brain dysfunction, the above was 147% sarcastic.

And YES I know this is old news, but I was just especially annoyed by it today, who knows why.



  1. You already know how I feel about this nonsense but I just wanted to say : DOUBLE WORD.


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