Posted by: Andy | May 25, 2007’s a pile of…links

A groovy demo of shoving pics into a google maps api.

How to get Google calendar into Thunderbird 2.0.

A long discourse on rape in cyberspace, dating from the great MUDage. Ahh, memories.

“attempted” copyright infringement soon to be a crime?

Other people have blogged more extensively on this one, but I’ll just briefly stop and ask “What the fuck is up with the cover to Heroes 4 Hire #13?” Answer: If you are in anyway way familiar with anime…that shit looks like fucking hentai. I’m really annoyed, and sort of offended.

On a related note, here’s a nice blog about black hair and what’s wrong with Misty’s head!

A Wired bit about gamers and their kids gaming.

Record industry kills itself, or it’s getting closer at least.

The British are getting really fucking paranoid lately, making even us look good. Have you seen how many cameras they have floating around now? That’s an entire blog or 7 topic there.


Red square” in space.

Cement and the great pyramid’s construction – finally solved?

Are you tired of hearing the same bullshit arguments from people who believe in creationism (without evolution) and being frustrated that you don’t have the scientific knowledge to debate with them: these 15 answers to common creationist talking points might be of assistance.

I’m sure everyone has seen the virgin shark birth bit by now, but there’s a linky just in case. Nature is very cool.

Surprise, abstinence education doesn’t “work”. Some more commentary.

Divorce rates by religion. Discuss this one mentally amongst yourself. I’m sure some people might say “Oh, those people are just SAYING their religous, they aren’t really…” And to that I say “whatever.”

Crazy purity balls.

A nice concrete example of why abortion should stay legal in some form.

Voter fraud & the attorney thing. I’m still surprised no one got in trouble for having the private email server for “official” emails. What the hell?

Top 25 censored stories of 2007.

New theory of space-time.

A pretty interesting look at what exactly is dying & not-dying.

Caves on Mars.

More efficient fuel engines – watch this one, will it even come to be?

Long ass bit on psychopaths & the guy who invented the test for them. Pretty interesting reading if you’ve got a few minutes.

Duck phalluses! C’mon, how can you not read about the length of duck phalluses? Ok, that last one is just a room full of stuffed penises..don’t think any ducks are involved.

A Wired article about altering sensory input and learning how to deal with it. Fascinating stuff.

Why Marvel HAS to have a Captain Marvel, sort of.

Moench & Huston on Moon Knight

Some dude with a lot of time on his hands translated some crazy geometric designs in the Rosslyn Chapel (yes THAT Rosslyn) into music.



  1. i love these. it gives me something to do while i’m bored and sitting on the back porch.

  2. Hey thanks! I know a normal person would just blog on one link per post, and have lots of interesting things to say…but I never have time to do that, so I just wind up with a pile of links that at one point seemed interesting to me.

  3. Okay, that link about Marvel vs. Realistic Black Hair is effing hilarious. Well worth the halfway starting to read the cyber rape thing only to resolve that some people write too well for their own good and continue with careless abandon for the word count or cohesive logic flow. Like that. But – here’s a thought – how about 1) realizing no two Black hair textures are the same (well we’re not quite snowflakes but almost) and 2) it’s okay to draw a Black woman with straight hair. ‘Cause most of us wear our hair straight anyway. We’ve got that versatility thing, remember?

  4. Is it sad that I read the entire cyber rape thing? Is it even more sad that I know pretty much exactly what she is talking about the entire time? Hah! I think I even logged into that particular MUSH at one point (it was sort of famous).

    Hmm..Storm pretty much always has straight hair, does she count? I think it’s sad that I have to sit here and think for 10 minutes trying to come up with another black female Marvel character. MMm…still thinking…well Cecilia Reyes had her hair natural usually I think…’M’/Monet has her hair straight, but I’m not really sure what nationality she is supposed to be since she’s from Algeria…some kind of French/Arab/African mutt I suppose. I’d have to dig around.

    Damn, I’m like an encyclopedia and that’s all I’ve got. Because that’s all there is. Sad.


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