Posted by: Andy | May 31, 2007

on the subject of losing weight

Look, I know it ain’t easy – I’ve been working on it for about 10 weeks, and only managed to lose 5 pounds. So I’m sympathetic, I can see how horrid it would be to need to lose 40, or even 200 pounds. My problem is not with overweight people in general, my problem is with “chunks” – people who revel in their fatness and unhealth, and then expect the world to take care of them.

People who cruise around on their little senior citizen scooters because they are too goddamm fat & lazy to walk, the obese mother with 3 morbidly obese children ages 8-15 (probably because she’s feeding them her size portions!?!?), the obese people I see in restaurants eating double & triple portions – THESE are the people I have issues with. NOT the overweight people who are trying to lose weight – you folks I have sympathy with, and I understand it’s a long hard road.

Don’t give up, don’t be a chunk. And for the sake of all that is conceivably holy, don’t fatten up your kids – no one wants to eat them.



  1. thanks. that’s…sorta…encouraging. at least i’ve lost 4 pounds in the last month or two and not zero, cause that sucks worse than 4 pounds.

    oh and another thing. I run. everyday but one a week. and ya it sucks and ya it’s hard and ya i get sweaty.

    but there’s no magic pill, so running is how i’m doin it. cause exercise is how to loose weight, or stop eating for 3 people at mcdonalds everyday…that could help some people too.

    or also, maybe stop riding a scooter around everywhere, cause walking down your driveway to get your mail could be all the exercise your body needs to lose a pound, geez.

  2. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those senior citizen scooters, walking is just too much work lately. Think I could get away with it? šŸ˜›

    Love you.

  3. I miss running…I used to do it semi-regularly, but I wasn’t actually tracking my weight then..I probably should of maybe I would have been more encouraged, but it never felt easier.

    I’d like to run now, but man, I really don’t want to run around our neighborhood. Meh!

  4. there must be good parks around there with running tracks or high schools. we run around the orchard next to us or we go to the track at the UofO. Running is cool if you’re doing it right.

    We joined a beginners running group and they take you through a type of build up your body regiment. It really works. It’s free too. So I like that. A lot.

    what are you doing now to loose the 5 pounds? And heck, a pound to half a pound a week is GOOD!

  5. I work out 20 minutes every other night with light dumbells…only 5 or 8 lbs, do sit-ups/push-ups/a little tai chi. I only have like 1 dessert a week, and I make sure I eat two salads a week.

    There is A saw the park near our house, it’s very small, and FULL of people on any halfway nice day. Anytime I have to drive somewhere to run, it’s out of the question.

    I hope to live near an affordable gym someday..something within 1/3 of a mile I can just run over to. šŸ™‚


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